Four Notable Sites You Can Buy OSRS Gold


If you have been playing Runescape, you know the reassure that comes with not having enough coins. While you can get these from mining the gold yourself, this often takes time. Sometimes it is easier for you to buy RuneScape gold. Since there are so many sites that say they sell it, it is hard to distinguish. Some players have been at the game for a while and have had to buy the coins at one point or another. For this reason, you can trust them to give you better insight into the sites they used. Here are some of these sites where you can go and buy OSRS coins.

1. Ecommerce sites

 One of the places you can go and get OSRS gold is eCommerce sites. These sites will sell you almost anything you need, so they should be first on your list. All you have to do is log on to the site and sign up, then look for the gold. The good thing with eCommerce sites is, you can get a review from previous clients.

Meaning, it is easier for you to weed out suspicious sites and deal with those in the business before. If you still want more information, you can go to independent review sites to see the legit dealers you want to get your gold from.

2. OSRS Gold selling sites

 Another great place to get your OSRS gold is sites that deal in OSRS gold. Even though they are not many, they have been around for ages and will get you just the amount you need. The good thing about these sites is, they have different packages for different people.

You do not have to worry about not getting legit sellers. These sites have been at it for ages, and they already have more buyers come in. But, you will have to look at the offers they have and if it is within your spending budget.

3. Digital gold-selling marketplaces

Another place you could go and look for the gold will be digital gold selling market paces. They have all manner of gold, including OSRS gold. Look up these sites and see what they have to offer. It will help you decide if they have the right prices or you should keep looking. The good thing with these steps is, the prices are negotiable. You can ask for a better deal or simply move on to a seller willing to give you a better deal.

4. Forums

Reddit has some forums that also sell OSRS gold. The only thing with these forums is that it becomes hard to know if you are dealing with legit sellers. You need to be extra cautious about these forums to ensure you do not get scammed. The best thing you can do is tread cautiously and ask around for reviews from previous users.


Getting gold coins will go a long way to boost your game and ensure you play even better. Take your time and figure out which site is genuine. Do not give out your password or any personal details to any seller. All they need is your username, and they will transfer the coins.

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