Tips To Make Your HP Laptop Battery Last Longer


A lot of laptop brands claim that their laptops offer the best battery performance in terms of backup and charging. However, there are only a few brands that actually deliver on this claim. Some laptop brands that offer the best battery timings include Dell, HP, Asus, and, of course, Apple MacBooks. But, every day, new technological advancements mean our laptops get better battery lives.

The battery timing of a laptop depends on the battery and the hardware of the laptop but also on the software as well. The operating system of the laptop can dictate how your battery will perform. The lightest laptop OS is the Chrome OS in the Chromebooks, so some of the best Chromebooks last over 10 hours.

When it comes to Windows laptops, tweaking some Windows settings can improve your laptop’s battery timing. So, instead of trying to changer batterie ordinateur portable HP, you should change the following Windows 10 settings, so your HP laptop’s battery will last longer.

Battery Performance Slider

Windows 10 has a feature that allows you to control the battery performance of your laptop. When you click on the battery icon in the taskbar, a small pop-up appears with a slider. With that slider, you can change the focus of your laptop’s power between FOUR settings. You can either choose the Battery Saver, Better Battery, Better Performance, or Best Performance.

If you are using the laptop on battery power and are away from an electric outlet, setting the slider to Battery Saver will provide the longest battery timing possible. It turns off the majority of background running processes and apps to save battery power, so you can complete your main task.

There will be a noticeable change in the performance of the laptop, though. The processing speeds will slow down, and multi-tasking might start to feel laggy; but if you are only doing some light and basic work, you won’t notice the difference.

You can also move to the Better Battery setting to get a long battery time but also keep some of the processing power as well. Moving to Better Performance or Best Performance will shorten the battery time significantly.

Auto Brightness Control

Just like mobile phones, laptops also have the sensors to sense our environment and adjust the brightness levels accordingly for the best view possible. And just like mobile phones, using the laptop at high brightness levels is harmful to our eyes, and it drains the battery quickly.

Windows 10 allows you to turn on the automatic brightness adjustment setting, which will not only protect your eyes but also improve your laptop’s battery timing. But, for this to work, your laptop needs to have ambient sensors.

If your laptop model doesn’t have the sensors, you can always change the brightness levels manually. If you want to save battery, keep the laptop’s brightness to a minimum.

Other Minor Changes For Better Battery Timing

  • Set the display to power down after 3-5 minutes of inactivity.
  • When not using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, turn on Airplane Mode.
  • Set the laptop to go to sleep after 10-15 minutes of inactivity.
  • Close applications that are using too much battery. Turn off background running for battery-draining apps.


The first two tips are major changes to the way you use your laptop, and they will have a big effect on your battery timing. They will also affect the performance of your laptop, so you should consider that as well before deciding to try these tips.

The minor tips are just a way to improve on an already good battery timing. Turning off background apps or switching to Airplane mode will add 15-20 minutes to your battery life. So, these smaller tweaks might come in handy when you are away from home.

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